Again I am a day late but I hope everyone had a safe and blessed Memorial Day.

Well it was a long weekend for us here.  I hope that everyone had the chance to explain the true meaning behind Memorial Day to your kids, nieces and nephews.  While it is a tie for friends and family to gather it is not just about the bar b ques and fun.  It was actually set aside to remember those that have fallen and given the ultimate sacrifice.  Even though this is an election year I sincerely hope that your family was able to keep the politics out of the remembrance.

The wife and I had a good time visiting the memorials and friends.  We got to watch the Thunder Roads ride.  Maybe next year we will get to come back and actually ride in it.

It did truly warm my heart that even though some cities canceled the parades because of rain the new and old sons of our country still made their marches.  You know during my time in the military I have always been told and told my Soldiers that “If it ain’t raining we ain’t training.”  In the 29 years of Thunder Roads it has never been stopped because of rain but you have to also remember that 95% of those riders are ex-military but they are still; Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coast Guard.  They are also all my brother and sisters and we here at JMAC-JT Deer Farm want to be able to help in any way possible.  I invite you to view our website and ask that you will contact us with any questions you may have.

Well today we will be showing the Lide Cabin, it is also a very nice cabin that is setting alongside one of the lakes.  It has a nice shaded dog run built into it as well as a large screened in back porch.  As you can see we are going from the smallest to the largest with one exception.  However that one will come at a later date.  Please help us to make this a reality for these deserving men and women of our armed forces.

Thank you for your time and we will be back next week with a new post.

Well I am a few days behind

Well as you can tell I am a few days behind.  Been doing my final inventories and closing everything out with the military.  I have also bee working on some power point slides for for a friend to use down in East Texas,  and rendering new videos.  Please also check out our YouTube page as well at the following address:

We are adding the videos there as we get them done. Don’t forget to go to our GoFundMe and give us a helping 


Camp House

Well as you can see by today’s video we are talking about the Camp House today.  It is a pretty well laid out setup however there are changes that will have to be made.  Some of the biggest changes will be in the Kitchen, Bath, Laundry and Sleeping areas.

The kitchen will have to be made a little larger and more functional for preparing large meals.  There will have to be an externally vented to dissipate as much of the cooking heat as possible.  Thus making it more comfortable for the cooks.

The bath will have to be made larger and more showers installed as well as the private reading area.  It will require stalls as well as the addition of a female bathroom and showers area.

There will have to be more washing machines and dryers installed to accommodate the personnel that will be there.

With all this going on we may lose a large portion of the bunk sleeping area.  As we will need to increase the eating area within the Camp House.

So see even with the ranch being at 85% ready for us you can now see that there will have to be changes made to accommodate what we are striving to accomplish.

Thank you and we will see you next week.  Don’t forget to check out the videos and subscribe to JMAC-JT Deer Farm on YouTube.

Wow its Tuesday already

Well I have 26 days and a wake up now.  I have been promising videos and have finally got a little bit of a handle on it.  The one I am going to try and upload today is the Intro to the future site of JMAC-JT Deer Farm.  It is just a quick run through of the amenities at the ranch.  This will give a better idea when I say that we have found a place that is 85% ready for us.  There will still be work that needs to be done but we can handle that when we come to it.

OK well the file is to large for me to add here but if you will go to our face book page you can view it there.  I am now in the process of learning youtube as well.


Todays post is a little one.

Good afternoon everyone.  Today I wanted to show you a video of the future home of JMAC-JT Deer Farm but I am still very frustrated with my movie editor.  So till I get it figured out I can only describe it.  I cannot do it justice with a description so you are just going to have to wait another week or two.

We have started a GoFundMe fund raiser that we would like for everyone to make whatever donation you can afford and recommend to your friends.  Well that is about all for today till I can get the videos working correctly. Please go to the link below and help us with whatever you can donate.

Introducing Rick Polson

OK well we are down 40 days and a wake up till I start terminal leave.  This week I would like to introduce you to Rick Polson.  Rick is coming to us on his own time as a volunteer with us.  He has 35 plus years in marketing and we believe that he will be a great asset.

Over the next few weeks I will be uploading videos some with speaking descriptions and some with a little music.  As always we encourage any and all questions.  You can ask them at,, or

If you can put a group together we will be happy to send someone to speak at it and answer any questions they may have.  You are welcome to contact us at 903-423-3127 to schedule a speaking arrangements.

Look for us next week with the first video Welcome to JMAC-JT Deer Farm at Hearts Bluff Ranch.  Please don’t forget to have your friends and family check out the website and spread the word.  We want to make this a reality for all Wounded Warriors and Disabled Veterans out there.

Thanks and have a good day.

Been awhile

Well I know it has been a while but I will be getting this going a lot better and more consistently now that I am on the down hill slide.  I will officially start my terminal leave in 48 days.

We have add a couple of great guys that will be assisting us in our fund raising and then coming on board once we are stood up and 100% operational.  We will also over the next few weeks be posting some videos of the property that we are working to secure for JMAC-JT Deer Farm.  The pure diversity of this property and the plans of action we are working on will really amaze you.  We will be a beef ranch and deer farm that will be working to be self sustaining and supporting JMAC-JT Deer Farms Operation.

Over the upcoming weeks I will be discussing several of the operational ideas that we will be implementing.  This will begin with the introduction of our new personnel then the purchase of the property through the final setup.  I am sure you will be amazed and I will be more than happy to speak with you if you would like to donate.

Speaking of speaking I would like to introduce Collin McKnight of Collin Speaks.  Collin is a motivational speaker and would love to get a large group of you together and speak to you about what we want to do and how your help will really assist us.  The main thing to remember is that the final purpose is for us to be able to help and assist Wounded Warriors, Disabled Veterans, and their immediate family members.

Well that is all we have for today but check back next Tuesday evening for the next installment on the blog.

Long week

Actually I guess I should have said a long 2 weeks.  Every thing is just kind of running together right now and it is only Tuesday.  We have been doing a lot of work trying to get the much needed funding and reaching out to everyone that we can.  I have made a few challenges over the past but no one seems to be interested in accepting them.  I am going to try a new one over the next 2 months pay period I personally am going to donate $100.00 per week to JMAC-JT Deer Farm.  I would like to ask any and all that follow us to do the same.  There is a lot of work to be done just for this coming hunting season that will be here before we know it.  Yes as of right now we are still relying on other ranches and operations to assist us in obtaining our hunts.  As you know this takes funds, so come on step up and take the challenge.

Fund Raising Tee Shirt offers

We are currently putting together a Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve Tee Shirt fundraiser.  Keep an eye open on the site and Facebook page to place your orders once we have the designs complete.  This will also be added to the the Newsletter as well as placing an order form on the website in the next few days.

Veteran Business Opportunity

Veteran Business Opportunities

The DK Outdoor Adventure Network is using the funds from the sale of advertising to provide Veterans with Hunting and Fishing Broker Businesses at zero cost to Veteran. If you are interested in this opportunity , please contact for more information. Please inform the Founders that you were directed to this opportunity by the Jmac JT Deer Farm.