Camp House

Well as you can see by today’s video we are talking about the Camp House today.  It is a pretty well laid out setup however there are changes that will have to be made.  Some of the biggest changes will be in the Kitchen, Bath, Laundry and Sleeping areas.

The kitchen will have to be made a little larger and more functional for preparing large meals.  There will have to be an externally vented to dissipate as much of the cooking heat as possible.  Thus making it more comfortable for the cooks.

The bath will have to be made larger and more showers installed as well as the private reading area.  It will require stalls as well as the addition of a female bathroom and showers area.

There will have to be more washing machines and dryers installed to accommodate the personnel that will be there.

With all this going on we may lose a large portion of the bunk sleeping area.  As we will need to increase the eating area within the Camp House.

So see even with the ranch being at 85% ready for us you can now see that there will have to be changes made to accommodate what we are striving to accomplish.

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