Again I am a day late but I hope everyone had a safe and blessed Memorial Day.

Well it was a long weekend for us here.  I hope that everyone had the chance to explain the true meaning behind Memorial Day to your kids, nieces and nephews.  While it is a tie for friends and family to gather it is not just about the bar b ques and fun.  It was actually set aside to remember those that have fallen and given the ultimate sacrifice.  Even though this is an election year I sincerely hope that your family was able to keep the politics out of the remembrance.

The wife and I had a good time visiting the memorials and friends.  We got to watch the Thunder Roads ride.  Maybe next year we will get to come back and actually ride in it.

It did truly warm my heart that even though some cities canceled the parades because of rain the new and old sons of our country still made their marches.  You know during my time in the military I have always been told and told my Soldiers that “If it ain’t raining we ain’t training.”  In the 29 years of Thunder Roads it has never been stopped because of rain but you have to also remember that 95% of those riders are ex-military but they are still; Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coast Guard.  They are also all my brother and sisters and we here at JMAC-JT Deer Farm want to be able to help in any way possible.  I invite you to view our website and ask that you will contact us with any questions you may have.

Well today we will be showing the Lide Cabin, it is also a very nice cabin that is setting alongside one of the lakes.  It has a nice shaded dog run built into it as well as a large screened in back porch.  As you can see we are going from the smallest to the largest with one exception.  However that one will come at a later date.  Please help us to make this a reality for these deserving men and women of our armed forces.

Thank you for your time and we will be back next week with a new post.