About Us

JMAC-JT Deer Farm is a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit organization devoted to assisting our country’s wounded warriors and disabled veterans and their immediate families (spouses, domestic partners, dependent children and dependent parents) in their struggles with returning to civilian life, living with and overcoming PTSD/TBI and the numerous other issues that plague our returning veterans.  We do this through proven wilderness therapy techniques, group, individual and family counseling, animal husbandry, animal therapy all while maintaining self-sustaining profitability as Hearts Bluff Ranch.

While JMAC-JT is an established 501(c)3 Non-profit organization they will utilize the land at Hearts Bluff Ranch through an in kind donation from Hearts Bluff Ranch and the JMAC-JT Deer Farm will start with the purchase of Hearts Bluff Ranch.

About JMAC-JT at Hearts Bluff Ranch

JMAC-JT at Hearts Bluff Ranch is located in Titus County, Texas and is approximately 4,000 acres.  Up until three years ago, 2013, Hearts Bluff Ranch was a working hunting ranch.  It held and still currently holds a level 3 MLD (Managed Land Development) permit with the Texas Parks & Wildlife.  This places JMAC-JT Deer Farm at the 85% mark of the needed operating parameters.  To achieve the remaining 15% we will need to install high-level fencing the property’s perimeter and make a few other upgrades and modifications.

The ranch’s 4,000 acres will be separated into different sections, each designated for specialized use.  These will include horse stalls, cattle pastures (separated for the specific needs of the cattle and breeding operations), and Deer Breeding facilities, designated hunting areas for deer, hog, quail and dove and has two large lakes on the property for fishing and duck hunts.

With the ranch having, within its borders, improved wetlands and other naturally occurring areas there is the possibility for program growth and development in the areas of environmental controls and protection for veterans and wounded warriors that elect to learn about these career paths.  This is just an option as it is not part of our initial startup plan but will be covered in more detail in the “Programs” section of this plan.

Beyond the hunting, breeding and fishing possibilities there will be greater than 13 miles of nature trails to be explored, providing excellent opportunities for the veterans and their families to learn valuable lessons about nature, wildlife, camping, environmental impact and many more valuable and important lessons.

There is also a section that was set aside for RV camping that we want to bring in 4 to 6 small 3 bedroom trailers and use for temporary housing for the homeless veterans and disabled veterans.  They will live in these mobile homes for a predetermined amount of time and work on the ranch for a fair wage.  All money earned will be deposited in a savings account for their time to leave.  This will allow them to purchase reliable transportation and rent money.  During the last few weeks or months we will work with them to obtain jobs to become whole again, to support their selves and or reunite with family and start anew. None of this can be done without outside support please sign up and help us.